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Compositional Service Descriptions

New Work/Commission

I will take any requests for new works or commissions for any instrumentation or ensemble.

Song/Work Arrangement

See a composition for piano I wrote and want it for string quartet? Want that Voice and Cello Work rearranged for Saxophone and Bassoon? (I mean, hey, why not?) Or would you like a certain pop/rock/hip-hop/etc. song arranged for your A Cappella group? I can arrange or rearrange whatever piece you would like. 

Video Game Project

Need a composer for your video game? I will work closely with you and your team to create evocative music that speaks to the story or action in your scenes and sequences. Whether you are looking for fully fleshed-out songs, Atmospheric pieces, or shorter loops- I am ready for the project.


Virtual Ensemble Service Description

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I have been creating Virtual Choir/Ensemble Videos and piecing together the Audio. From smaller ensembles to large choirs and orchestras. Any genre. My only request is that the ensemble has some unison sound to sync them together, especially for videos with a strict timeline.

Virtual Ensemble - Video Editing

I will create a video for your ensemble and the audio will be left up to you (or someone else). Feel free to give ideas and I will bring your ensemble video to life through panning, zooming, text, 3D elements, and credits. I use FCPX for my video editing.

Virtual Ensemble - Audio Engineering

I will sync up your videos, and Mix & Master the audio of your ensemble/choir with (or without) a backing track. Want a certain space/reverb? Let me know. I use Logic Pro X and iZotope Products for the audio.

Prices for any of these services will be discussed via email conversations

with your descriptions/comments and specific services in mind.