Autumnal Rain In Central Park




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Solo Piano

About the Work

"Autumnal Rain In Central Park" is a series of seven movements of minimalist piano evoking the feelings of Autumn. Inspired by a poem written about Leonid Afremov's "Misty Mood", an oil painted piece of art. 

"The restless city dies away— a sign that ends the summer. 

While radiant leaves crisp and decay, the autumnal burst of color. 

The booming city stops to feel the changes of the season. 

The trees begin to beckon them— a beauty deigned within reason. 

The noisy city start to hush as rain drops start to trickle. 

Water crystals touch the ground and gloss the floor in drizzle. 

The hushing city, full of splendor, ‘tires to their little flats. 

from 9 to 5’ers off the train to lovers and their cafe chats. 

Red, yellow, orange foliage like watercolor patterns 

Alley lamps illuminate the sky like floating lanterns.

The starlit city gazed upon the haze and glow of neon.

The pitter-patter showers laced with petrichor and chiffon.

This small umbrella keeps us dry strolling down the placid lane,

for we’ll laugh and smile lovingly amidst an Autumnal Rain." 

-Richard Risi


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