Night Song




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High Voice and Piano

About the Work

"Night Song" is a poem by Marjorie Allen Seiffert that appeared in the Poetry Foundation July 1932 Poetry Magazine under a selection of poems titled, "Whispered Lament".  This poem had such clear-cut ebb and flow that conveyed a strong meloncholic and edging on the darker side of emotion. 


Come, sleep, and carry her far, 

Away from this despair; 

It little matters where--

Perhaps to a simpler star

Where the resplendent sun

Shines upon innocent meadows,

Devoid of trees and shadow, 

and life has not begun.


Perhaps to a star so high,

So dark, lost and alone,

No human lips have known

A name to call it by--

And cool with hollow space. 

Her heart, troubled and shaken, 

That she may not awaken 

With tears upon her face.

Text by:

Marjorie Allen Seiffert (1885-1970)