Witch's Soliloquy




Year Composed:



Originally Played By:

Alto Voice, Piano, Glockenspiel, and String Quintet

About the Work

Written for the "Bayswater Players" (Far Rockaway, NY) 2018 production of the "Wizard of Oz" as an insert for the Wicked Witch with lyrics by director, Ariana Wolfson. Still outside of the world of Oz, "Witch's Soliloquy" is a short and fun piece that keeps it's "witchy-ness" through and through.


I've never been one for beauty all this pent up, jealousy.

I've never been on the inside, on the outside, I seemed mean.

Life for me wasn't easy, even mother didn't love me, and so I turned green.


And now this is my time, and now I control.

Now this is high time for this lost soul.


This little girl thinks she's clever, taking what was rightfully mine.

I'm gonna teach her a lesson that stealing from me is a crime.

Listen to me little Dorothy though you think you pulled the switch...

You will learn what pain will come,

You will learn what fear will come,

You will learn what hate will come...


...when dealing with a witch!

Text by:

Ariana Wolfson (b. 1989)