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Richard Risi will be performing with G&SLOCOLI as Nanki-Poo in their performance of Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Mikado". Directed by Tony Tambasco. Spring/Summer 2022!

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Who is Richard Risi?

Richard Risi (formerly Richard M. Kihm) is a Lyric Tenor, Composer/Arranger, and Thespian from the New York Metropolitan Area.


The Beginning Of Music

Richard was born Legally Blind and Hard of Hearing (having Mid-Range Hearing Loss). As a toddler, he spent time in the hospital where he was visited by music therapists. Together, they would play bongos, xylophones, and other miscellaneous instruments that eventually drew a crowd to his hospital floor.  With his hearing loss, Richard could hear the humming and song-like tones which helped him grow and learn. 

​Throughout grade school, He began writing poetry and eventually lyrics. With these musical motifs and melodies ringing, he taught himself to play the guitar. He then continued onward to Piano, Drum Set to many other instruments, such as the Ocarina.

Music Inspirations

Richard had kept his mind open with many music genres from Classical all the way to Hard Rock.

He was inspired by the well known classical singers like Jonas Kaufmann, Andrea Bocelli, and the beloved Luciano Pavarotti.
He loved the floating tunes of composers such as Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Richard Rodgers. The first show he saw was Phantom Of The Opera which astounded him with musical themes and theatrical flair. Stemming from that, Richard dabbled into Jazz and Blues sounds of Eric Clapton,  while studying at the Long Island High School for the Arts. As a video game fanatic, he was moved by the orchestrations and piano compositions of Japanese composers such as Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu (Final Fantasy/Square Enix), Tomohito Nishiura (Dark Cloud), and Junichi Masuda (Pokémon). Likewise, with television and film,  Bear McCreary, Danny Elfman, and James Newton Howard were also some inspirations that inspired Richard to begin composing.

Stepping Into The Present

Richard is a recent graduate of Hofstra University with a Bachelor's in Music Performance with a concentration in Voice. At Hofstra, he actively performed with the Hofstra Opera Theater, Chamber Choir, and Collegium Musicum. Over the summer of 2018, he had composed an additional piece of music for The Bayswater Players' summer performances of the Wizard of Oz.  Richard was a cantor at the St. John's of Lattingtown Episcopal Church and completed his Senior Recital at Hofstra University. In performances, he has been involved with the G & S Light Opera Company of Long Island (GASLOCOLI) in their productions of "The Gondoliers" and "A Gilbert and Sullivan Christmas Carol", as well as Hofstra Opera Theater's production of "The Marriage of Figaro". Risi had been cast in the G & S Light Opera Company's production of "The Mikado" as the understudy of Nanki-Poo. Recently, Richard has released several virtual ensemble compositions and started his mission to be a voice for those with disabilities by collaborating with living disabled poets and living disabled performers.

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Here is a taste of some of the vocal repertoire of Richard Risi.
Currently linked is the music from his Senior Recital from May 4th 2019 at Monroe Lecture Center from Hofstra University.



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Majella, Conductor & Multi-Instrumentalist

Richard is a delight to collaborate with! His music is unique and his organization for virtual performances of his compositions are clear, well prepared, and instructive. Richard values the performers with whom he collaborates with by promoting their performance and participation in virtual ensemble projects. Richard has been an inspiration to work with during these very difficult times for musicians.

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